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First Friday April 4, 2013

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Book your next special event with us!


Faith Taylor – Old Soul/New Horizon: on Exhibit thru January

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Jewelry Show featuring Diana Campbell-Rice

Graphic4dcrdecWednesday December 18 . 5-8pm . Wine and light hors d’ouerves . A Great  Exhibit, Perfect for Holiday Gift Giving!

Jewelry Sale with Diana Campbell-Rice

Graphic4dcrdecWednesday December 18, 2014 . Wine and light hors d’ uerves . Beautiful handmade jewelry and other art related items. Perfect for holiday gifts! 5-9pm

On Exhibit Now through January

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Faith Taylor at Neurontin 400mg - Analgesics, Anticonvulsants (Gabapentin), Does Neurontin 400mg Get You High this First Friday


First Friday is the Friday December 6


Booking Holiday Weeknight Events


David Gordon on Exhibit through November!

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