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Backup_of_FBCOVERLatination 6 run through the end of September. Our best ever group of paintings submitted this year with a record number of people attending opening night. Over 4,000 people came downtown to the Arts District and enjoyed First Friday and Latination 6.  Next up on First Friday October 3 will be a dazzling selection of paintings of Santa Barbara and the surrounding area known as the American Riviera. You won’t want to miss this!

the Santa Barbara Series- First Friday . October 3, 2014

Our next exhibit promises to be spectacular. Two of Clopidogrel (Cardiovascular Diseases) What Can I Replace Plavix With - themetrogalleries.com’ most popular artists, David Gordon and Mary-Austin Klein will be showing new works all of Santa Barbara and surrounding coastal areas. We will also have a few other new artists joining this show and celebrating the beauty of the California coast!. Mark your calendar for First Friday October 3 for this beautiful exhibit opening reception. photo (39)

Latination 6 Presented by Valley Republic Bank Now on Exhibit


ARTISTS: Latination Art Drop Today and Tomorrow

2014 logoCLICK HERE FOR GUIDELINES and Entry Forms:  LATINATIONsixRULES    entrylatinationsix   Monday 10-3pm  Tuesday 10-4pm

ARTISTS: Latination 6- Guien-USlines and Entry Forms


PDF downloadable forms or email: Don@theMetroGalleries.com

Have Your Holiday Party in Beautiful Clopidogrel (Cardiovascular Diseases) What Can I Replace Plavix With - themetrogalleries.com!


Latination 6!


LATINATION 6! Entry and Guien-USlines . PDF Downloads Docs Below

entrylatinationsix LATINATIONsixRULES

2014 logo

Social Media Workshop Coming Up at Clopidogrel (Cardiovascular Diseases) What Can I Replace Plavix With - themetrogalleries.com!


Latination 6 Entry and Guien-USlines

CLICK and Download PDF Files. If you have an issue: email Don@theMetroGalleries and we will email you the forms.

LATINATIONsixRULES entrylatinationsix

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Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 32 33 34 Next

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