My Dog Ate My Hydrochlorothiazide

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Dan H. Slayton


Artist’s Statement


My idea of a good time is to be totally consumed with the excitement and wonder of creating or experiencing something new. To create a piece of art while consciously cultivating good thought and intention for those who may view or own it is it’s own reward.

The concept of creation comforts and confounds me. Consider all the man-made things surrounding you now. With almost no exceptions, everything you see began as a thought. From the first stone tool to the most complex computer, the first step to material reality was taken in the human mind. I am intrigued by the idea that an individual’s thoughts can become manifest.

The reflection of humanity through art is surely the most magnificent and confounding of these manifestations.



Originally from Bakersfield, Slayton’s artistic interests blossomed after relocating to San Luis Obispo County. Left without his normal creative outlets, woodworking and auto restoration, Dan soon became restless. Within a few months of the move his closest friend suggested that he “may want to consider getting a hobby.”

That insightful suggestion led to his becoming heavily involved in the Central Coast art community. Learning about ceramics via formal training and an apprenticeship to a ceramic artist would prove to be his portal to artistic expression. Later as a founding board member of the San Luis Artist’s Gallery he was exposed to a wide variety of artists and mediums. Partially as a result of this exposure, his personal artistic expressions spread to metalworking, printmaking, photography and sculpture.

Since returning to Bakersfield, Dan’s artistic styles have continued to change “The changes represent a transition from Order to Chaos. A move away from the precision and control required in wheel thrown pottery to a more relaxed and interpretive approach with sculpture and painting.”

Employed as an Instructional Art Technician at CSUB since 2007, Dan says he enjoys being “surrounded by the innovation brought by the students and the inspiration provided by the professors.”

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